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The real taste of Japan,
freshly stone-ground in Maine


Maximize the Capabilities of ingredients.

We were the first Japanese manufacturer to receive NSF certification for Soba Making Equipment This has made it possible for everyone in North America to easily enjoy authentic, fleshly milled Soba (100% buckwheat noodle).

We are committed to authenticity and freshness.

With a strong desire to deliver authenticity and freshness, we offer fresh stone-ground buckwheat that is uniquely grown to suit the climate and soil of the United States and certified organic by USDA.

We care of your health.

Soba (Japanese buckwheat) noodles have been enjoyed for more than 500 years. They have long been appreciated for how healthful they are, and because they showcase the craftsmanship of their maker.

Aurora Organic Soba

“Aurora Organic Soba” is the only Japanese buckwheat flour (sobako) produced in cooperation between Maine’s Aurora Mills & Farm and a soba artisan in Maine, from a Japanese seed variety which has been improved upon over four years to best match the local climate.

Maine-grown Japanese buckwheat flourJapanese buckwheat flour
(40/60 mesh)

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The only fresh Japanese buckwheat flour grown and milled in Maine.
(hulled seeds)

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Customer Testimonials

  • We have been wanted to serve Soba of the same quality as in Japan.that reflect our thoughts and passions.
    This is how I came across Organic Aurora Soba that is made by using a millstone in Maine, and this is exceptional so we are very satisfied with both the taste and the flavor.

    Sarashina Horii

  • Bringing Soba to the American table poses an exhilarating challenge. Our Japanese culinary finesse and the cultural eminence of Soba may not readily resonate here.
    Just as sushi made its mark, our approach defies conventional norms, seeking to uncover the perfect fusion of American tastes, styles, and the essence of Soba.
    Organically cultivated on the magnificent landscapes of Maine, this painstakingly ground soba flour, born in Japan, is the lifeblood of our audacious mission. Every step of the process exudes an aura of trust, where the faces of those involved are visible, adding an indelible touch of authenticity. Thank you always Kokukousha!

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10B Portland Fish Pier, Portland, Maine 04101
Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday

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We make flour milling equipment and machinery related to soba.